Conseq Group – Your Leading Gold Coast Concreter?

As a leading Gold Coast Concreter, ConSEQ Group provides a broad range of services for all your residential, commercial and industrial concreting needs. We are the Gold Coast Concreter offering services throughout Australia including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads, South East Queensland, and Northern New South Wales.

ConSEQ Group specialises in all aspects of commercial and residential concreting around the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Learn more about our services below.


Gold Coast Concreter

Concrete Driveways Gold Coast

ConSEQ Group are renowned as exceptional Gold Coast Concreters that deliver concreting jobs of all sizes. If you require concreting driveways in Gold Coast, we are here to work with you across larger commercial projects through to smaller private residential work and everything in between.

We deliver a diverse range of concreting services including suspended slabs, car parks, footpaths, shops and footings. We are enthusiastic about serving everyone from homeowners to builders.

Our residential service includes the construction of residential driveways, sheds, pathways, floors re-levelling and patio extensions. When it comes to the commercial contracts, as a Gold Coast Concreter, we work across projects like refurbishing of schools, interior and exterior office blocks, full-service station concreting, airport runways and other civil concreting. Our larger jobs are with builders where we help them fulfil the individual needs of their customers’.

Gold Coast Concreter

Decorative Concreting Gold Coast

In addition to plain concreting, ConSEQ Group offers decorative concreting that include flooring re-levelling, polished concrete flooring, and polished concrete bench tops. As an excellent Gold Coast Concreter, we create all kinds of beautiful, unique and decorative concrete for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our equipment is the best in the industry, which we use to provide high-end finishes that are not only professional but also customised.

Gold Coast Concreter

Quality, Safety and Reliability

We guarantee the quality of our work and ensure that we are up to date with the necessary industry and safety certificates. As one of the most advanced and modern Gold Coast Concreters, our capabilities include the use of the latest, modern concreting technology such as laser levels, trowel machines and ride-on trowel machines to complete all our projects. What that means is for our clients is that we can deliver high-end finishes, using the latest tech advancements.

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